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Middlebury 2017 Fall Festival


Hometown Holidays   Friday, November 17

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These 9 sculptures are part of a huge public art display that opens for free viewing this week! This epic art display features the engaging and patriotic work of American sculptor Seward Johnson. There are 56 life-size (or bigger) bronze sculptures installed in the downtowns of Bristol, Elkhart, Goshen, Middlebury, Nappanee, and Wakarusa. Make sure you find them all! (And yes, you can touch them.)

Interact and be photographed with these extraordinary works of art. Post your fun selfies and pics using #EpicArtAdventures and #QuiltGardens.

Open for public viewing from May 16 – October 20. Find out more.

Seward Johnson, Portrait of an American Artist
from Epic Art Adventures
Seward Johnson is an American artist who began his career as a painter before turning to sculpture. Johnson has long been considered one of the most widely recognized sculptors of our time and his works have developed a large and loyal following. More than 450 of Johnson’s life-size cast bronze figures have been featured in private collections and museums around the world and in prominent displays in places such as Times Square and Rockefeller Center in New York City, Pacific Place of Hong Kong, Les Halles in Paris, and Via Condotti in Rome.

Johnson is noted for collections that depict people engaged in everyday activities, works inspired by Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, and interpretations of cultural icons. A monumental scale sculpture of Johnson’s is on display at Pioneer Court (Michigan Avenue at the Chicago River) in Chicago, and his life-size works have been on exhibition in recent years in Carmel, Crown Point and Warsaw. At 86, Johnson remains active creating new pieces. For more information about Seward Johnson click here.

Middlebury Was Featured in USA Today!
This photo of a Middlebury farm was featured in USA Today’s 
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